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Boycott Lukoil and All Russian Products

Facebook Event Page – All-American Boycott of LUKOIL


  1. Find the closest LUKOIL station near you:
  2. Check protests guidelines
  3. Print a poster (instructions below)
  4. Stand outside the station for 30min or longer
  5. Take a picture and post it the event Facebook page or email olya [ at]


  1. Go to:
  2. Select poster size: medium or large
  3. Click on same day medium posters
  4. Click on “Design Now” button
  5. Click on “Upload your complete design” link on the top right hand side
  6. Click on “Add Image” button and in a pop-up window choose file from your computer
  7. Select poster size: medium or large and choose the first style (simple)
  8. Click next, review and check out


People Power vs Putin

RUSLANA (LYZHYCHKO), in cooperation with the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation, Lazarus, LLC, and R.A. McConnell & Associates, seeks your participation in the new People Power vs Putin public information campaign. The program, which supports the independence, democracy and sovereignty of Ukraine, has four components:

We are asking people all over the world to send a message to Putin by taking a selfie with messages supporting the People of Ukraine in English, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Putin has blocked Ukrainian products and is threatening to once again to cut gas to Ukraine and Europe.
Stop using Russian products – buy Ukrainian.

The US and EU have initiated economic sanctions and other measures against Putin and those responsible for the military invasion of Ukraine. Demand that your government follows through and implements the strongest economic sanctions possible against Putin and the Russian government. Countries which are weakening their resolve such as Germany and England need to hear from their citizens and the world.

We ask people of all faiths to pray for peace in Ukraine.

Show Putin what you think about the illegal invasion of Ukraine. Please share this with all you friends and let’s get a million selfies!

Visit and participate:

Odessa and Crimea Call Vladimir Putin

Materials for Protests in Support of Ukraine / EuroMaidan

Printable Materials for Group

Printable Posters

March 3, 2014 – Posters Against War

Prior to March 3, 2014

Chants You May Hear

Speaker: “Слава Україні” (“Slava Ukrayini” – “Glory to Ukraine”)
Crowd: “Героям слава” (“Heroyam slava” – “Glory to its heroes”)

This is the most common, but you may hear others that were originally used by Ukrainian Nationalists during World War II

Speaker: “Слава нації” (“Slava natsiyi” – “Glory to the nation”)
Crowd: “Смерть ворогам” (“Smert voroham” – “Death to enemies”)

Speaker: “Україна!” (“Ukrayina!” – “Ukraine!”)
Crowd: “Понад yсе!” (“Ponad Use” – “Above all else”)

As groups gather to mourn those that have died, you may also hear the following

“Вічная Память” (“Vichnaya Pamyat” – “Memory Eternal”)

“герої не вмирають” (“Heroyi ne vmyrayut” – “Heroes do not die”)

Materials for Posters

Below are photos that can be used on handouts, posters, etc. You can also find lots of images and graphics on Euromaidan Arts & Graphics’ Facebook Page.



General Photos

More Gruesome Photos (NSFW)

Even More Gruesome / Disturbing Than Above

* Note: The above photos are to only be used for educational/information purposes. If hosting any photo violates the rights of a copyright holder, please contact us and we will remove the image once the claim is verified.

Please contact us if you’d like to provide additional materials.

EuroMaidan Action Item: Template Letter to send to your Member of Congress

We must contact our respective Members of Congress immediately and ask for support. This should take just a minute – every phone call and letter will strengthen our collective voice and send a clear message that we need action in response to the bloodshed in Ukraine.

Please, find a sample letter to your Member of Congress and send them out IMMEDIATELY.
Letters may be e-mailed directly by using the Senate or House website at one of the following:

Please find your elected officials and simply fill in their last name, your full name, click “Update Text” and copy the text into the “Comments” section of your representative’s website.

Once you submit the above letters, here are additional ways you can help support Ukraine.

Embassies, EU, UN, Goverment of Every Democratic Country – Your Urgent Reaction Is Needed!

via Maidan Hotspot

For urgent release.


In the morning the Speaker of Ukraine parliament Rybak refused to register the opposition draft law on return to the 2004 Constitution, which caused rapid escalation of the situation in the street of Kyiv.

As for 18:00:
– 6 people are confirmed dead by the Maidan medical service, around 10 more deathly wounded;
– 2 people (older man and woman) found dead near the Khreschatyk metro station (on Institutska street);
– 1 person killed near the National Bank building;
– BBC reports that the headless body of one more victim was found near the Parliament building;

– 14 journalists beaten today;
– more than 500 people heavily wounded by grenades, rubber and live bullets. there are numerous video and photos proofs that riot police is using live weapons against the protesters.

– Kyiv is BLOCKED: all metro stations are closed, central roads blocked, road out of Kyiv blocked;
– since 18:00 THE STATE OF EMERGENCY is in action. Everyone who is at the Maidan is the now an “extremist” , according to the Internal Ministry official statement;

– Maidan crackdown started. the police is dismantling barricades at the European square, Ukrainian house and Zhovtvenyi Palace around Maidan are already seized by the riot police.
– Riot police is using granades, throws Molotov cocktails to set the Maidan tents on fire. BBC journalists report internal troops are armed with Kalashnikov guns. Lot of police is using unnecessary brutal force against people in the streets;
– A lot of injured people are in the hospitals. In Kyiv city hospital No. 17 (Laboratornyi 17) more than 70 wounded people and the police is present there as well;
– on Hrushevskogo street “titushky” (state-sponsored thugs) started robbing houses and people in the streets.
Riot police is coordinating its activities with armed units of “titushky”. Riot police snipers are noticed and photographed on house roofs in central Kyiv.

We ask Embassies, European Parliament, PACE, OECD, UN and Government of every DEMOCRATIC country for URGENT REACTION:
1. Those who are situated in Ukraine, in Kyiv: please come to Maidan, go to the hospitals and jails. Make statements and deliver objective information to your countries media and officials! By your international mandate – protect protesters from human rights violations. We know that people dissapear from hospitals, they are beaten and jailed. Ukrainian lawyers often do not have access to injured people.
2. The Europe must react now by introducing personal financial sanctions against the politicians, who gave these bloody orders, to stop the violence in Ukraine.
3. Start the URGENT international investigation of the unprecedented level of human rights violations happening at this very moment in Ukraine.
4. URGENTLY delegate your human rights monitoring missions to Ukraine.

The Civic Sector of Euromaidan

Contact person:
Olha Halabala
follow us on twitter @maidan_go

How to Setup a MailChimp Account

Benefits of Using an ESP like MailChimp

  • Improved Deliverability
  • Better List Management
  • Easier to Grow the Mailing List
  • List Segmentation and Organization
  • Additional / Better Formatting Options
  • Ability to Use Analytics to Track Results
  • CAN-SPAM Compliance
  • Keeps Your List Information Private & Secure

Getting Started

  1. Signup for MailChimp Account(Image)
  2. Verify Email and Complete the New User Profile (Image)
    • For Organization Information, if you are unsure about what to select, you can choose:
      • About how many people are in your organization? — 1-5
      • About how old is your organization? — < 1 Year
      • Do you have a list of emails to import into MailChimp? — No
      • Are you setting this up for a client? — Yes
  3. Sign in and click on “Lists” (Image) then click “Create List” (Image)
  4. List Options: (Image)
    • List Name: General Subscribers
    • Default “from” Name: Group Name (ie: EuroMaidan Chicago)
    • Default “from” Email: Email Address that recipients will see (ie:
    • Default Subject: (can be left blank)
    • Write a Short Reminder: (required for CAN-SPAM compliance)(ie: You are receiving this email because you support Ukraine opted in on our website or sign up form.)
    • Is this the correct contact info for this list? (Verify – this is required for CAN-SPAM compliance)
    • Notifications: (can be left unchecked)
    • Email Format: (can be left unchecked)
  5. Click “Save”

Once the list is created, you can adjust settings, import subscribers (if you already maintain a list) and create/modify signup forms.


Click on the List you just created in the previous step (Image)

Click Settings >List Fields (Image)

Information about List Fields and *|MERGE|* tags

These are fields that will store information about each subscriber in

  • Field Label is the “[user] friendly name”
  • Field Type helps specify what data can be entered, determines how the data in the field gets stored in MailChimp and how it can be used for filtering lists
  • Required specifies whether data is required in this field when adding a subscriber
  • Visible specifies whether the field is visible to the user or not on forms and in their settings
  • TAG column is to set a recognizable name that can be used within emails/forms/etc.

Recommended Fields

Field Label Field Type Requred Visible TAG
Email Address email always always EMAIL
First Name text unchecked checked FNAME
Last Name text unchecked checked LNAME
Zip Code zip code (US only) checked checked ZIPCODE

To Add a Zip Code List Field

  1. Click “Add Field” (Image)
  2. Click “zip code (US only)”
  3. Change “Field Label” to “Zip Code”
  4. Check off Required
  5. Change “TAG” from “MMERGE3” to “ZIPCODE” (Image)
  6. Click “Save”

Signup Forms

Under Signup Forms > General forms (Image), you’ll be able to setup and design different Forms and Automated Emails that are used with your account. These can be left in their default form, but the Signup form URL (Image) is useful for passing along a link to where users are able to signup to your list if you do not have any other location to display the form.

Please contact with your Signup form URL (Image) or other signup link so we can aggregate it into a list for our visitors.

You can also utilize other Form integration methods in order to let people subscribe via your website, social media, etc.

Add Subscribers

If you already have a mailing list and are looking to add subscribers from it to MailChimp, you can click on Add Subscribers > Import Subscribers (for multiple contacts) (Image) or individually by clicking on Add Subscribers > Add a subscriber (Image).

** NOTE: Do not just randomly add people. If you send out emails to people who do not want them and you have a high percentage of unsubscribers and/or recipients who mark the email as spam, MailChimp will suspend your account.

Adding a Template

  1. Click Campaigns, then in the top right corner of the screen, click “My Templates”. (Image)
  2. Again, top right corner, click “Create Template”. (Image)
  3. Click the “Import” link on the right side. (Image)
  4. Enter a name under “Template name” (ie: EuroMaidan Chicago Email Template) (Image)
  5. Under “Template file (HTML file only por favor)”, input the following URL:
  6. Click “Upload” (Image)
  7. You should be back on the “Templates” page and will see the recently added template at the bottom. Click on the “Edit” button. (Image)
  8. Move your mouse cursor over the Z VAMY image and click “Change” (Image)
  9. Upload an logo for your group (max width is 600px). If you do not have a logo, you can hover over the Z VAMY image and click “Use Text” or exclude it by clicking “Remove”. (Image)
  10. Once added and everything looks okay, click “Save & Exit” (Image)

Creating a Campaign (ie: sending an email to your list)

  1. Click Campaigns, then in the top right corner of the screen, click “Create Campaign”. (Image)
  2. Select “Regular ol’ Campaign” (Image)
  3. If you have more than one list, select your list (ie: EuroMaidan Chicago), otherwise, skip this step.
  4. Keep “Send to entire list” checked (unless you’re only trying to send the email out to a select group of people) (Image)
  5. Click “Next” (Image)
  6. Name your campaign: (ie: 2014-02-09 – EuroMaidan Rally) – (using a date in the YYYY-MM-DD format helps keep campaigns organized) (Image)
  7. Email Subject: (ie: EuroMaidan Rally: Sunday, February 2) (Image)
  8. Verify “From name” and “From email address” are correct (May need to click “Skip Domain Verification for Now”) (Image)
  9. Optional, if using Google Analytics, you can specific a tracking parameter under the Tracking Section
  10. Optional, if your group has a Facebook or Twitter account, you can have MailChimp automatically post a link to the email on each network
  11. Click “Next”
  12. Under “My Templates”, click “Select” (Image)
  13. “Select” the template previously created (ie: EuroMaidan Chicago Email Template) (Image)
  14. Move your mouse cursor over the Content area “Dear Generitech Customers…” and click “Edit” (Image)
  15. Enter the main content of your email, then click “Save & Close” (Image)
  16. In the blue header bar, click on the area “Use this area to offer a short teaser of your email’s content…” and click “Edit” (Image)
  17. Enter the teaser content of your email, then click “Save & Close” (this is the preview text that is displayed for emails on some email services such as Gmail)
  18. Click “Next” (Image)
  19. Verify the Plain Text Version of your email for formatting errors, then click “Next” (Image)
  20. Click “Schedule” at the bottom-right of the screen. (Image)
  21. Select the date and time that you’d like to have your email sent out. (Image)
  22. Click “Schedule Campaign” and you’re done! (Image)

If you need to make changes (prior to the email being sent), click Campaigns > [name of your campaign] to modify it (Image). Once modified, click “Schedule” again (the “Send” button will send the campaign out immediately).

One item to note is that since Gmail introduced tabs in 2013, emails from an ESP like MailChimp could get placed to the promotions tab instead of the primary tab (if the user is using tabs).  Below is a video with instructions as to how to move an email to the primary folder and ensure that future emails from the list are placed there by default.

#DigitalMaidan Twitter Storm (Jan 30, 2014) – Pre-made Tweets

For those taking part in #DigitalMaidan Twitter Storm (Facebook link), below are download links for pre-made tweets