Embassies, EU, UN, Goverment of Every Democratic Country – Your Urgent Reaction Is Needed!

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For urgent release.


In the morning the Speaker of Ukraine parliament Rybak refused to register the opposition draft law on return to the 2004 Constitution, which caused rapid escalation of the situation in the street of Kyiv.

As for 18:00:
– 6 people are confirmed dead by the Maidan medical service, around 10 more deathly wounded;
– 2 people (older man and woman) found dead near the Khreschatyk metro station (on Institutska street);
– 1 person killed near the National Bank building;
– BBC reports that the headless body of one more victim was found near the Parliament building;

– 14 journalists beaten today;
– more than 500 people heavily wounded by grenades, rubber and live bullets. there are numerous video and photos proofs that riot police is using live weapons against the protesters.

– Kyiv is BLOCKED: all metro stations are closed, central roads blocked, road out of Kyiv blocked;
– since 18:00 THE STATE OF EMERGENCY is in action. Everyone who is at the Maidan is the now an “extremist” , according to the Internal Ministry official statement;

– Maidan crackdown started. the police is dismantling barricades at the European square, Ukrainian house and Zhovtvenyi Palace around Maidan are already seized by the riot police.
– Riot police is using granades, throws Molotov cocktails to set the Maidan tents on fire. BBC journalists report internal troops are armed with Kalashnikov guns. Lot of police is using unnecessary brutal force against people in the streets;
– A lot of injured people are in the hospitals. In Kyiv city hospital No. 17 (Laboratornyi 17) more than 70 wounded people and the police is present there as well;
– on Hrushevskogo street “titushky” (state-sponsored thugs) started robbing houses and people in the streets.
Riot police is coordinating its activities with armed units of “titushky”. Riot police snipers are noticed and photographed on house roofs in central Kyiv.

We ask Embassies, European Parliament, PACE, OECD, UN and Government of every DEMOCRATIC country for URGENT REACTION:
1. Those who are situated in Ukraine, in Kyiv: please come to Maidan, go to the hospitals and jails. Make statements and deliver objective information to your countries media and officials! By your international mandate – protect protesters from human rights violations. We know that people dissapear from hospitals, they are beaten and jailed. Ukrainian lawyers often do not have access to injured people.
2. The Europe must react now by introducing personal financial sanctions against the politicians, who gave these bloody orders, to stop the violence in Ukraine.
3. Start the URGENT international investigation of the unprecedented level of human rights violations happening at this very moment in Ukraine.
4. URGENTLY delegate your human rights monitoring missions to Ukraine.

The Civic Sector of Euromaidan

Contact person:
Olha Halabala

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