Verified (Legitimate) Ways to Help the Ukrainian Army

The Ukrainian Army is still working to create peace and stability in Ukraine, but needs all the help it can get. Euromaidan Press has created a list of verified ways to help the Ukrainian Army that provides a summary about each initiative as well as details about how to donate or support the cause. Below is a list of the different verified groups. Visit for more details.

Based Abroad

  • Patriot Defense
  • Helping Ukrainian Soldiers
  • GIVE SO OTHERS CAN LIVE – Save lives of Ukrainian people
  • Ukrainian-French support groups (AMC.UKR.FR)
  • Open Dialogue Foundation (Poland)
  • Ukraine-Canada Coalition
  • Euromaidan Canada

Based in Ukraine

  • Come Back Alive
  • Wings Phoenix
  • ATO Sister of Mercy
  • Army SOS
  • Volunteers’ Hundred
  • EuroArmyMaydan
  • Saving lives in Ukraine
  • Joint Army support project
  • Ukrainian Freedom Fund

Other Ways to Help

  • Help with transporting supplies
  • Purchase and ship medicines