Help the 25th Territorial Defense Battalion Kyiv

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We beseech all our friends, Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian – all who care about helping in a direct and meaningful way – to donate whatever dollar amount you can. Ivan personally buys all necessary items that are needed, or organizes the purchases of these items from abroad if they are not available in Ukraine. All money is documented and an itemized receipt with photo is sent to us which will be posted.

Items that the young men are in need of include: helmets, bullet-proof vests, flashlights, pocket knives, ponchos, foodstuff, etc.

This equipment, which is not provided for them, is invaluable to their safety. In a concerted effort, we can be directly involved in trying to protect and save as many lives as possible from the frightening situation these boys, as well as countless others, will face.

Please read Ivan’s Plea or Watch the Youtube Video Below

“I appeal to you not as an activist or politician, I appeal as a patriot of my country! Very soon this Battalion will go to a real war, where every day die Ukraine soldiers for our freedom! These soldiers have parents, children, wives. We all want to have these soldiers returned alive. We ask you to help!!! These soldiers need military equipment and supplies. On fundraising, please contact Ivanka Zajac or Romanka Zajac in the United States. We are looking for your help! Слава Україні”

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