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Between Hitler & Stalin: Ukraine in World War II The Untold Story (2003)

Between Hitler and Stalin: Ukraine in World War II The Untold Story. A film by Slawko Nowytski. Narrated by Jack Palance.

Reproduced with permission of the copyright owner Ukrainian Canadian Research and Documentation Centre.

– No single European country suffered deeper wounds to its cities, its industry, its farmland, and its humanity
– 0:29 Zbigniew Brzezinski “Ukraines’s independence means that Russia can no longer be an imperial state.”
– 0:44 Collapse of the Soviet Union and Russian empire. The blood of millions was shed for centuries for the freedom of Ukraine. History of Ukraine written by her conquerors.
– 1:35 Third Reich and the Ukrainian Question, Documents 1934-1944
– 1:38 Old film footage of Ukrainians executed
– 2:32 11:15 15:20 23:25 40:11 46:10 49:00 Norman Davies, University of London
– 3:03 Edgar Snow, US War Correspondent
– 4:50 Austro-Hungarian empire disintigrated and a democratic national Ukrainian Republic declared its independence on 22 January 1918
– 5:14 Treaty of Versailles, France 1919
– 5:35 49:25 Symon Petliura
– 5:52 Old film footage of Stalin and Lenin
– 6:07 Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Vasyl Lypkivsky
– 6:38 Robert Conquest, Stanford University
– 6:50 Ukrainian man-made famine genocide (Holodomor)
– 7:30 Karpo Mykytczuk, Yevhen Konovalets, Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists
– 8:39 Rotterdam, 1938; Andriy Melnyk, Stepan Bandera, Andriy Livytsky
– 10:04 49:48 Augustyn Voloshyn, Carpatho-Ukraine
– 10:48 13:33 15:54 32:25 Old photograph and footage of Adolf Hitler
– 12:54 Maryna Perstiuk
– 13:11 Oleksander Hrynko
– 14:08 Ukrainian Central Committee Volodymyr Kubijoyvich
– 15:01 Old film footage of Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin
– 16:15 Germany invades Soviet Ukraine, Operation Barbarossa, scorched earth policy, destruction of Dnipropetrovsk hydro-electric dam
– 17:48 Uspensky Sobor, Kyiv
– 18:05 John Armstrong, University of Wisconsin
– 18:24 33:28 Serhiy Pushchyk
– 19:17 Mykola Kudela, Lutsk prison
– 20:29 Vinnytsia mass graves, massacre of Ukrainians by Russia in 1937-38
– 21:10 Damianiv Laz mass grave
– 21:48 Hryhory Banyk, Katyn massacre, Bykivna
– 23:43 Reichsmarschall Herman Goering in Ukraine
– 24:13 Yaroslav Stetsko, Stepan Bandera, execution of Ukrainian nationalists
– 25:13 Andriy Melnyk, Oleh Olzhych, Ivan Klymiv
– 26:49 Nazi occupation of Ukraine
– 27:30 Erich Koch
– 28:28 Babyn Yar, Ivan Rohach, Olena Teliha
– 29:33 39:22 Heinrich Himmler, Head of the S.S.
– 30:02 Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky, Ukrainian Catholic Church
– 30:13 Rabbi David Kahane
– 33:40 Olha Petrenko Kovalevsky, Ostarbeiter from Poltava, Ukrainian slave laborers for German
– 35:49 Taras Borovets, Andriy Melnyk, Stepan Bandera
– 36:17 General Roman Shukhevych
– 37:42 Lev Futala
– 38:15 45:05 Volodymyra Senyk
– 39:12 German 6th Army surrender at Stalingrad
– 41:04 Andrey Lasov
– 43:35 Myroslaw Maleckyj, Galicia Waffen S.S. Division, Battle of Brody
– 42:50 Rimini, Italy
– 43:30 Volodymyr Demchuk
– 44:40 War after World War Two: executions, Siberian camps
– 47:33 Nikita Khruchev, bacterialogical warfare
– 48:06 Daria Husyak
– 49:34 Yevhen Konovalet, founder of OUN
– 49:53 Stepan Bandera
– 50:01 Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt, Yalta Conference
– 51:10 Operation Keelhaul: Forced Repatriation
– 51:20 Petro Sydorenko
– 51:58 Ukrainian Canadian Servicemen’s Association, London, 1945

To order this and other Ukrainian DVDs please visit

The Ukrainian Canadian Research & Documentation Centre
Українсько-Канадський Дослідчо-Документаційний Центр
Centre Ukrainien Canadien des Recherches et Documentation

620 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON, M5S 2H4, Canada
tel.: 416-966-1819, fax: 416-966-1820


Fundraiser: Ukrainian Culture center of Columbus, OH

The Ukrainian Culture center of Columbus, OH  is a non-profit organization, a human  service agency offering a varied program that is Slavic in nature. It is committed to enhancing  the quality of individual and family life through the promotion of physical, intellectual and spiritual wellness. It provides educational and cultural programs that reflect the Ukrainian heritage, health related activities and many services to the community at large.  Through its wide array of programs, the KUCC pursues its mission of strengthening the individual, family and community.

In summer 2017 we are hosting a festival to introduce our city into Ukrainian culture and traditions in order to gather more funds to help people in need. Our goal is $10000-15000 to organize the Festival. The more we get the more people will get help. All our donations are tax deductible.

Thank you everyone for your help and you are always welcome to visit our festival.


The festival is planned to be hosted at St. John Chrysostom Byzantine Catholic Church (5858 Cleveland Ave, Columbus, OH 43231).


Below is a link to the group’s GoFundMe page:

Ukrainians, Register with the Holocaust Survivors Registry

Are you, a parent, or a grandparent a survivor of Nazi persecution? The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC wants to hear your story!

The USHMM maintains a database (known as the Benjamin and Vladka Meed Registry of Holocaust Survivors) of the names of “all survivors of the Holocaust and Nazi-era persecution–whether or not currently living–in order to record their experiences for future generations, assist survivors and their families in attempts to trace missing relatives and friends, and provide reference to scholars of the Holocaust, genealogists and members of the public.”

Staff members of the USHMM who gave a presentation for the recent meeting of the Ukrainian Heritage Consortium of North America indicated that they are making a major effort to reach out to non-Jewish victims of the Nazi regime. They are looking for all Holocaust victims, which they define very broadly as any persons “who were displaced, persecuted, or discriminated against due to the racial, religious, ethnic, social, and political policies of the Nazis and their collaborators between 1933 and 1945.” They were also quite clear that this includes all Ostarbeiters (forced laborers), including Ukrainians. A person need not have been an inmate of a Nazi death camp to qualify as a “Holocaust victim”!
If you or an ancestor was a forced laborer in Germany, was arrested by the Gestapo as a result of religious or political activities, or was arbitrarily executed by the Nazi army, then we urge you to register in this database.

The USHMM web site has registration forms in both English and Ukrainian! The victim need not be alive: you can register individuals posthumously.

If more ethnic Ukrainian victims of the Nazis register with this database, this will allow scholars to get a more complete picture of the havoc wrought by the Nazis on both the Jewish and non-Jewish populations of Ukraine.

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Help the 25th Territorial Defense Battalion Kyiv

Donate Now

We beseech all our friends, Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian – all who care about helping in a direct and meaningful way – to donate whatever dollar amount you can. Ivan personally buys all necessary items that are needed, or organizes the purchases of these items from abroad if they are not available in Ukraine. All money is documented and an itemized receipt with photo is sent to us which will be posted.

Items that the young men are in need of include: helmets, bullet-proof vests, flashlights, pocket knives, ponchos, foodstuff, etc.

This equipment, which is not provided for them, is invaluable to their safety. In a concerted effort, we can be directly involved in trying to protect and save as many lives as possible from the frightening situation these boys, as well as countless others, will face.

Please read Ivan’s Plea or Watch the Youtube Video Below

“I appeal to you not as an activist or politician, I appeal as a patriot of my country! Very soon this Battalion will go to a real war, where every day die Ukraine soldiers for our freedom! These soldiers have parents, children, wives. We all want to have these soldiers returned alive. We ask you to help!!! These soldiers need military equipment and supplies. On fundraising, please contact Ivanka Zajac or Romanka Zajac in the United States. We are looking for your help! Слава Україні”

Donate Now –

Facebook page for this campaign

#RussiaInvadedUkraine – What You Can Do


Russia has crossed the line the West has warned against for months. In response, President Barack Obama said on Thursday the United States and its allies would look for ways to expand economic sanctions on Russia, but stopped short of calling the recent Russian aggression an invasion. It would be great to find out just why the most powerful country in the world is afraid of a “regional power” and won’t use the words WAR or INVASION. But words are one thing, action another.

Ukraine needs help NOW. Western governments should have been providing Ukraine military equipment for months, be it anti-tank, anti-aircraft, or equipment designed to help Ukraine secure its border. Ukraine has demonstrated its military competence during the ATO fighting with merely Soviet-era equipment. Our soldiers have excelled in Iraq, Afghanistan and other international endeavors when fighting alongside American troops using NATO-standard equipment.

H.R.5190, the “Ukraine Security Assistance Act of 2014” was introduced in the House of Representatives in July 2014 and provides military assistance to Ukraine and designates Ukraine as a Major non-NATO Ally (MNNA). The bill was drafted in a bipartisan manner and is co-sponsored by Reps. Jim Gerlach, Marcy Kaptur and Sander Levin, co-chairs of the Congressional Ukrainian Caucus. Furthermore, this bill currently has 4 Democrats and 6 Republicans sponsors. Congress is returning from a month-long vacation next week and will only be in session for 2 weeks at the start of September. While many initiatives seem to be dead on arrival, we have the opportunity to pass bipartisan legislation designed to get Ukraine the help it needs.

Find your Congressional representatives here: or and ask them to support the “Ukraine Security Assistance Act of 2014.”

Also tell them about H.R.5241, the “Crimea Annexation Non-recognition Act,” which would prohibit the United States by law of recognizing the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation, de juro OR de facto. This bill was quietly introduced by Rep. Gerald Connolly (D-VA) in July, but would put into law what we all believe: Crimea is Ukraine.

Finally, let’s get some real sanctions. No more waiting for Europe. Following the model used against Iran, the US can UNILATERALLY forbid dollar transactions with Russian financial institutions, forcing Europe to go along. Just like with every other rogue state, it has always been the United States’ responsibility to lead. At the very least, freeze the assets of every Russian oligarch’s funds who gained their money illegally. US law clearly states that no ill-gotten capital should be allowed harbor in US institutions.

Let’s call the White House and State Department, with emails/phones/faxes demanding the President’s threats of new sanctions be backed up and retaliatory action taken against the thugs ordering the attacks on the people of Ukraine. Call the White House today:
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414

Email President Obama at:
Email Secretary of State Kerry at:

Furthermore, you will have an opportunity to follow-up with your Member of Congress in Washington during yet another “Ukrainian Day” of Advocacy on Wednesday, September 17 and Thursday September 18:

Originally posted on Facebook by Andrij Dobriansky

Verified (Legitimate) Ways to Help the Ukrainian Army

The Ukrainian Army is still working to create peace and stability in Ukraine, but needs all the help it can get. Euromaidan Press has created a list of verified ways to help the Ukrainian Army that provides a summary about each initiative as well as details about how to donate or support the cause. Below is a list of the different verified groups. Visit for more details.

Based Abroad

  • Patriot Defense
  • Helping Ukrainian Soldiers
  • GIVE SO OTHERS CAN LIVE – Save lives of Ukrainian people
  • Ukrainian-French support groups (AMC.UKR.FR)
  • Open Dialogue Foundation (Poland)
  • Ukraine-Canada Coalition
  • Euromaidan Canada

Based in Ukraine

  • Come Back Alive
  • Wings Phoenix
  • ATO Sister of Mercy
  • Army SOS
  • Volunteers’ Hundred
  • EuroArmyMaydan
  • Saving lives in Ukraine
  • Joint Army support project
  • Ukrainian Freedom Fund

Other Ways to Help

  • Help with transporting supplies
  • Purchase and ship medicines

Boycott Lukoil and All Russian Products

Facebook Event Page – All-American Boycott of LUKOIL


  1. Find the closest LUKOIL station near you:
  2. Check protests guidelines
  3. Print a poster (instructions below)
  4. Stand outside the station for 30min or longer
  5. Take a picture and post it the event Facebook page or email olya [ at]


  1. Go to:
  2. Select poster size: medium or large
  3. Click on same day medium posters
  4. Click on “Design Now” button
  5. Click on “Upload your complete design” link on the top right hand side
  6. Click on “Add Image” button and in a pop-up window choose file from your computer
  7. Select poster size: medium or large and choose the first style (simple)
  8. Click next, review and check out


People Power vs Putin

RUSLANA (LYZHYCHKO), in cooperation with the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation, Lazarus, LLC, and R.A. McConnell & Associates, seeks your participation in the new People Power vs Putin public information campaign. The program, which supports the independence, democracy and sovereignty of Ukraine, has four components:

We are asking people all over the world to send a message to Putin by taking a selfie with messages supporting the People of Ukraine in English, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Putin has blocked Ukrainian products and is threatening to once again to cut gas to Ukraine and Europe.
Stop using Russian products – buy Ukrainian.

The US and EU have initiated economic sanctions and other measures against Putin and those responsible for the military invasion of Ukraine. Demand that your government follows through and implements the strongest economic sanctions possible against Putin and the Russian government. Countries which are weakening their resolve such as Germany and England need to hear from their citizens and the world.

We ask people of all faiths to pray for peace in Ukraine.

Show Putin what you think about the illegal invasion of Ukraine. Please share this with all you friends and let’s get a million selfies!

Visit and participate:

Odessa and Crimea Call Vladimir Putin

Materials for Protests in Support of Ukraine / EuroMaidan

Printable Materials for Group

Printable Posters

March 3, 2014 – Posters Against War

Prior to March 3, 2014

Chants You May Hear

Speaker: “Слава Україні” (“Slava Ukrayini” – “Glory to Ukraine”)
Crowd: “Героям слава” (“Heroyam slava” – “Glory to its heroes”)

This is the most common, but you may hear others that were originally used by Ukrainian Nationalists during World War II

Speaker: “Слава нації” (“Slava natsiyi” – “Glory to the nation”)
Crowd: “Смерть ворогам” (“Smert voroham” – “Death to enemies”)

Speaker: “Україна!” (“Ukrayina!” – “Ukraine!”)
Crowd: “Понад yсе!” (“Ponad Use” – “Above all else”)

As groups gather to mourn those that have died, you may also hear the following

“Вічная Память” (“Vichnaya Pamyat” – “Memory Eternal”)

“герої не вмирають” (“Heroyi ne vmyrayut” – “Heroes do not die”)

Materials for Posters

Below are photos that can be used on handouts, posters, etc. You can also find lots of images and graphics on Euromaidan Arts & Graphics’ Facebook Page.



General Photos

More Gruesome Photos (NSFW)

Even More Gruesome / Disturbing Than Above

* Note: The above photos are to only be used for educational/information purposes. If hosting any photo violates the rights of a copyright holder, please contact us and we will remove the image once the claim is verified.

Please contact us if you’d like to provide additional materials.

EuroMaidan Action Item: Template Letter to send to your Member of Congress

We must contact our respective Members of Congress immediately and ask for support. This should take just a minute – every phone call and letter will strengthen our collective voice and send a clear message that we need action in response to the bloodshed in Ukraine.

Please, find a sample letter to your Member of Congress and send them out IMMEDIATELY.
Letters may be e-mailed directly by using the Senate or House website at one of the following:

Please find your elected officials and simply fill in their last name, your full name, click “Update Text” and copy the text into the “Comments” section of your representative’s website.

Once you submit the above letters, here are additional ways you can help support Ukraine.